She Said Yes, Engagment Announcement, Personalized Yard Sign

Personalized Engagement Announcement, She Said Yes, Lawn Sign

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He asked and she said yes! Now share your good news with the world and display this engagement announcement, she said yes, yard sign on your front lawn! This design has a large, classy engagement ring and is personalized the with the couples name and date as well!

Price Includes:

  • Personalized Design Setup
  • One Custom Printed Corrugated Sign
  • 1 Step Stake
  • Ground Shipping to Anywhere in the USA

Lawn Sign Material Specs:

Our high quality lawn signs are printed in full color on a bright white corrugated plastic. The weatherproof material is great for outdoor use. These custom printed lawn signs come with a metal step stake for easy installation.

How to display your lawn sign:

Displaying your lawn sign in your yard or any where else is easy, the metal step stake is durable and holds the sign up in any soft ground like grass or dirt, however, the metal step stakes won't go through hard surfaces like cement.

  1. Insert the metal step stakes into the flutes at the bottom of the sign
  2. Find a good area where the sign will be visible and free of any obstructions
  3. Stick the bottom of the step stakes into the ground as far as it can go
  4. Take a step back to make sure the sign looks straight and isn't tipping or tilting
  5. If the sign is tilting or tipping, simply take it out of the ground and try again

That was easy, now take a break you deserve it!